Main Activities

Main functions are:

  •     Support the processes of selection and development of local and international grape varieties with significant potential for wine production.
  •     Support programs on cultivation of vineyards and improvement of grape quality.
  •     Support programs against grapevine diseases.
  •     Support the development of relations between the grape producers and the winemakers.
  •     Initiate and participate in legislative reforms of viticulture and winemaking to ensure comprehensive legal framework and compliance with international standards.
  •     Devise and implement development programs in viticulture and wine-making.
  •     Support the technological advancement of vine and wine producers.
  •     Support the local winemaking companies to enhance competitiveness in the international markets through communicating to the best global practice.
  •     Establish relations with the business circles and research organizations of the main wine markets.
  •     Support professional development of the management and personnel of local winemaking companies and contribute to productivity improvement.  
  •     Establish relations with the national and international organizations in viticulture and wine-making and implement joint programs.
  •     Support the implementation of functions defined through Armenia’s membership to International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV).
  •     Develop, award and control the “Wines of Armenia” brand, support its promotion in international markets.
  •     Support participations in viticulture and winemaking trade shows and B2B events, conferences, festivals, and other similar activities.
  •     Organize/support the participation of local  producers to festivals, expos, conferences, degustation events.  
  •     Implement promotion on Armenian wines.
  •     Support the development of wine tourism in Armenia
  •     Promote wine consumption culture in Armenia through raising awareness on Armenian wines and intensifying demand on local quality wines