Extensive Tasting of Armenian Wines in Belgium

28 September 2016

Within the framework of events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Armenia, extensive tasting of Armenian Wines took place in Belgian Royal Academy on September 28th, 2016 organized by the Belgian Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, Armenian Trade Representative in EU in cooperation with the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia and Belgian company "Armenian Brandy and Wine".

The purpose of the event was to contribute to the Armenian wine sector awareness in EU market, promote the export volume growth, develop Armenian winemaking sector and discover new partners.

More than 300 dignitaries of EU, Belgian Kingdom and representatives of business and social circles participated at the Armenian Wine tasting event.

The best 37 wines from 15 Armenian Wine making companies were presented at the at the tasting event.

During the business visit of the representatives of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, discussions took place between Armenian trade representative in EU, Belgian Company "Armenian Brandy and Wine" and preliminary agreement was achieved to found trade depot/center of Armenian Wine in Belgium to promote the export of Armenian Wines to European countries and increase the volume.


For this purpose, business meetings and discussions about transportation, distribution, sale and recreation centers took place between the interested parties.


The wine delivery to Belgium will be facilitated upon the launch of direct flights of Brussels Airways starting from March 2017.


Soon, compulsory estimation will be submitted, all the manageable ways will be considered and we will report about the outcomes additionally.

Also, we would like to inform you that within the framework of Europe-Armenia Cooperation Commission session to be held on 15.12.2016 , the format of Armenian wine tasting was discussed, including venue, the preparation of invitations for distributors, representatives of trade networks and specialized stores. The list of invited sommeliers will be submitted to you in advance.

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