The French experts in viticulture and winemaking visited Vayots Dzor Region, performed master classes

6 September 2016

 "Armenia and "Wine" appear in the same context again in the international media when CNN included the Vayotz Dzor region among the "15 wine trails worth getting sidetracked on".

Although in the recent years the wave of grape industry regeneration and winemaking development has grown, but to make Armenia competitive in this field, the two sectors need modifications. The grape grown in the right condition and with the right technology guarantees quality wine. That is why by the decision of Government of the Republic of Armenia, Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia was established in June 2016.

Foundation has to carry out lot of functions- keep an eye and improve the entire value chain. Foundation launched the first major project on September 6th, 2016. A visit was organized to Vayots Dzor region for vine grower and winemaker from one of the French consulting companies Derenoncourt consultance . The experts toured the vineyards and wineries to identify the factors that have prevented to acquire wine in the region which does not yield to the international standards.

According to the acting director of Foundation Mrs. Meri Ghevondyan, vine grower Emmanuel Ramond and winemaker Julienne Lavenun will submit a detailed report upon return with remarks, new methods and mechanisms which the local producer can apply to produce a quality grape and competitive wine worldwide.

Observing these advices the Foundation will continue the activities with the local vine growers and winemakers to improve the quality of Armenian wine.

The French experts conducted master class with the farmers: how to trim the grape vines, how the winemaking centers should be equipped with the barrels, tools and technical means, how much water is needed for the vines in order to maintain deep roots and solid fruit.

During the site visit the experts tasted and tried about 15 types of wine produced in the region. The French vine and wine experts came to the unanimous conclusion that Armenia has an exclusive opportunity to acquire grape by natural temperature of sunlight on an open ground not in the greenhouses. The wine acquired from the grape grown worldwide with this method is considered one of the best.

Thus, Armenia possesses resources. The only thing is to operate the right mechanism, create Armenian Wines trademark and make it distinguishable worldwide. To excel with the quality wine is essential for Armenia's economy. Armenia can also become a target spot for the tourists, who are wine lovers and follow its steps of history.