The French Wine Experts shared their experience with the Armenian winemakers

6 September 2016

On September 6th, 2016 they visited Vayots Dzor Region, toured the vineyards and wineries to share their experience and provide advice to the vine growers and winemakers.

During the interview to the, Julienne Lavenun said: "Vayots Dzor region has wonderful conditions for winemaking. Here you can grow a variety of grape at once. Armenia has an issue to rise the wine quality and enter the European market. Therefore one must start from the grape quality. At the end of the visit, we will submit certain general perception about the current issues in viticulture and winemaking sectors. I think within this short period, we can get wine of high quality, because the conditions allow".

Touring the vineyards Emmanuel Ramond studied the clusters, vines, irrigation method and crop quality. He mentioned that Armenians have had the grape cultivating experience for many centuries however the advice will never do any harm to raise the crop quality.

"Your vine growers are quite skilled, however to acquire good wine every detail is important, from trimming to crop gathering and processing. Today we were at a few vineyards, talked to the vine growers, gave some advice which are applied in France and other dozen countries", says Emmanuel Ramond. According to Mrs. Meri Ghevondyan, the executive director of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, the brief visit of the experts inspired the vine growers and wine producers, since the experience exchange is essential to get a quality product.

«Derenoncourt consultance" is one of the 10 best consulting companies in this sector. Our visitors have been to different countries in the world and exchanged their rich experience in winemaking. The final goal of the newly established foundation is to insure the competitive wine in the international market and start the joint brand of Armenian wine. We took the first step from the vineyards , highlighting the issues related to the care and wine production, providing solutions, visited 10 winemaking companies and wineries, listened carefully to the advices of the French experts, said Mrs. Meri Ghevondyan.

As noted before, the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia was established on June 23rd, 2016 by the Government's Decision. The structure's goal is to raise the image of Armenia's winemaking, to make the wine competitive in the international markets which will contribute to the wine export process.


source: Stepanyan