ArmAs wines were awarded by 6 medals in China



12 October 2016 Asian Wine & Spirits conference and competition was held from October 10 to 12 in the Fangshan district of Beijing, in China. The wines of Armenian Golden Grape ArmAs were awarded by 3 gold and 3 silver medals.

This kind of conference and competition was held for the first time in China. It was organized by leaders in wine industry: Vinopres, a Belgian communications agency specializing in wines and The Beijing International Wine & Spirit Exchange, a long-standing partner of Vinopres in China. CEO of ArmAs, Victoria Aslanian was in China by special offer to represent Armenian wines.

The Forum-Tasting was designed as an outstanding showcase for Asian wines and spirits and a platform for wine and spirits industry members from around the globe to exchange ideas. Although many events were held throughout Asia every year, none had yet brought together producers from every Asian country under one roof. It was a significant platform for Armenia to be introduced as the oldest wine producing region of the world. Victoria Aslanyan have had master classes about the renaissance of Armenian wines and a case study of ArmAs winery.

Conferences, tastings, master classes were held during the event. The wines were judged by professionals as Annette Scarfe from Singapore, Robert Joseph from United Kingdom, Sonal Holland from India, Olivier Bouche from France, etc. Also professional journalists, writers on wine were present as special guests. Nearly 700 wines and spirits from Asian countries competed before a selection of the world’s finest judges. Among them Armenian wines won 6 medals. ArmAs Voskehat Reserve, ArmAs Areni and ArmAs Areni Reserve won gold medals, ArmAs Areni Diamond, ArmAs Semi Sweet and ArmAs Rose won silver ones.



source: vwfa