Winemaking sector is in the center of the Russian and Polish bloggers and journalists.


With the invitation of Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia, famous bloggers and journalists covering winemaking sector in Russia and Poland visited Armenia on November 6-10, 2016.  The purpose of the visit was to raise awareness to the people working in the corresponding information platforms about Armenia as a country with  an ancient winemaking history   and traditions  where the produced wine has all the prerequisites to be competitive in the international market. During the Soviet period, Georgia as one of the countries in Caucasian region was much famous as a winemaking country whereas Armenia was famous for its cognac. One of the functions of the newly established foundation is to raise awareness about Armenian wine in the foreign countries and look for new markets for export.
"European bloggers were in Armenia on a study visit in October. The previous visit has its outcome-the articles about Armenian wine and winemaking appeared in the European newspaper headlines", notes executive director of the foundation, Mrs. Mary Ghevondyan.
The second visit was prepared for bloggers from Russia and Poland as these are targeted markets for the Armenian wine from the exports point of view.

Bloggers visited Areni, where they saw the winemaking industrial complex of 6100 years found during the excavations, visited the famous regions of winemaking-Vayots Dzor, Aragatsotn Region. And at the end of their visit the bloggers  spent their day tasting local production wine to get the impression of Armenian wine taste and aroma", added the executive director of the foundation.
"The bloggers visited Areni, where they got introduced to the winemaking production complex of 6100 years old found during the excavations, visited famous regions of winemaking".

After the bloggers' visit the articles about winemaking and wine will appear in the Russian and Polish information field.