Armenia can be attractive to the tourist thanks to the enotherapy.


The Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia launched a new map representing all local winemaking companies that may be of great interest for tourists visiting Armenia, said foundation's deputy director and project manager Mr. Vahe Jilavyan during the interview with the at the Tourism Conference "Welcome to Armenia".  
"We included all the winemaking companies with the addresses stating those with the wine tours, tastings, which can interest the tourist visiting the country with a 6200 year old winemaking history", said Mr. Jilavyan.

Mr. Vahe Jilavyan informed us that our country becomes attractive for the tourist thanks to the enotherapy concept. "Enotherapy is favored in all developed countries engaged in winemaking and vine growing. It also solves the problem of the unconsumed wine, which is the wines that are not subject for consumption can be applied in enotherapy".
According to him, enotherapy can be directed both to the tourism and healthcare sectors. In 2017 we will research and submit the program on enotherapy along with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Armenia.